A street interview with Mr Wang, talked about city and future.                                       



When I was doing a random interview on the streets of Hangzhou, I met a real estate agent from Beijing. I talked with him while walking, and recorded the interview with my phone.


This conversation made me notice that more and more vounc people tend to move "against the current" to small cities, rather than choosing big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, these so-called "first-tier-cities" as in the traditional impression.


To get a better understanding of this phenomenon, I investigated the range of one kilometer around a subway station. I found that there are 16 real estate agents densely distributed in this range. In chatting with them, I recorded the young generation's different ideas about the first-tier-cities with great life pressure.

According to a report on The employment of Chinese undergraduates in 2021 released by MyCOS Research Institute, the proportion of graduates in the class of 2020 working in the four first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen was 17 percent, down 3 percentage points from the class of 2019. Meanwhile, the employment rate in the 15 new first-tier cities was 27 percent, up 1 percentage point from the class of 2019.


Based on the above research, I created a fictional image of a dog who chose to live and work in Hanazhou from Beilina. At the same time. some obvious human features were removed from the previous recordings to complete the sound collection.


As the prototype of the interview was form Beijing, I referred to an ancient Beijing dog--Jingba dog in my character design, and imagined the scene if it really existed and what he's life would be like in Hangzhou.


Among that, I am most satisfied with the design of the flying butterfly. Just like dogs chasing butterflies in the real world, the main character of this film is also chasing his own dream.